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     Examples of Metal Jeweling



  Jeweling is a very nice touch to add to any custom pistol or rifle. It adds value and is very eye catching. Most commonly jeweled parts are the rifle bolt, extractor, trigger, hood area or the entire barrel and the bolt release. Each job is a little different, so some jobs are priced by bid rather than at a fixed rate. Here are some common examples:
Glock 30 barrel hood and extractor 10/22 Bolt Jeweling Typical 1911 Breech Jeweling Smith & Wesson Full Coverage Jeweling Kimber Full Barrel & Guide Rod Jeweling
Glock 30 Breech & Extractor Ruger 10/22 1911 Breech Two Smith & Wesson Full Coverage Kimber Barrel & Guide Rod
Beretta 390 Bolt Glock 30 Full Barrel Jeweling Ruger MK-II Breech Jeweling Smith & Wesson Full Coverage Jeweling 1911 Optional Jeweling
Beretta 390 Glock 30 Ruger MK-II Breech Full Coverage & Polished Ramps 1911 Options



Jeweling Prices (subject to change without notice)

10/22, Charger, Marlin, Remington or similar semi-auto rifle bolt (one flat
surface only)

Ruger 10/22 bolt

Marlin 22 Bolt Ruger 10/22 Bolt  
1911, S&W, Beretta & other round hooded
pistol barrel
  $25.00 (barrel hood only)  
Smith & Wesson barrel hood  
S&W Barrel Hood 1911 Barrel Hood  
  $65.00 (full coverage)  
Smith & Wesson semi-auto full barrel  
1911 Full Coverage S&W Full Coverage  

Glock, Springfield & other pistol barrel with a flat 2-surface barrel hood   $25.00 (barrel hood only)  
Glock Barrel Hood Glock Barrel Hood Jeweling  
  $65.00 (full coverage)  
Glock barrel full coverage  
Glock Full Coverage Glock Full Coverage  

Multi-angled breech barrels such as Sig, Walther, S&W, etc., (6-face Sig barrel shown as an example)   $35 (barrel hood only)  
Glock barrel hood only  
Sig 226 Hood Sig Barrel Hood  
  $75 (full coverage)  
3 Smith & Wesson barrels with full coverage  
S&W Full Coverage S&W Barrel Jeweling  

Jeweling on other rifle bolts and parts   Email for a quote  
Rem 700 bolt  
Rem 700 Bolt Weatherby Vanguard Bolt  

Frequently Asked Questions About the Jeweling Process

Will jeweling make my part too small to function properly or cause any mechanical problems?  Short answer: No— Long answer: No, because…  It’s a fairly common misconception that jeweling removes metal, but in reality it does not — it actually raises it! The jeweling process uses an abrasive brush and compound that roughs the metal surface in a circular pattern. If you were to measure the part before and after jeweling, you will discover the finished part is very slightly larger  than before it was jeweled. This is because the swirls increased the surface area of the polished metal by raising very tiny serrations. The change is so small that it would have to be measured in microns (much smaller than a thousandth of an inch and not enough to make the part too big), but it does actually get bigger!
  Ruger 10/22 bolt jeweling
Caliber and proof markings on barrel hoods   My barrel has caliber markings / serial number / armory marks. Will they be removed by the jeweling process?  Any markings, engraving or stamping that is below the surface plane of the metal will still be visible and remain unaffected. Surface markings and coatings will usually be removed by the jeweling process.
My barrel (or other part) is blued. Is this a problem?  No, the bluing is chemically removed and the metal surface polished before the jeweling process is applied.
Sig 226 barrel hood   Will the jeweling process remove scratches?  Usually, if they are not too deep. We make every effort to remove any imperfections in the metal during the polishing process. Sometimes, the scratches and dings are just too deep, however the jeweling process usually does a nice job of hiding these sort of imperfections.
Will jeweling rust?  Possibly, if the jeweled part is made from a carbon / moly steel (and not stainless steel, titanium or aluminum), it will corrode if you do not keep it lightly oiled. Standard light oiling is all that is necessary to prevent this, and the jeweling process actually helps lubricants stay in place better than on an unjeweled surface.
  1911 barrel and bushing
Ruger 10/22 trigger group   Can you jewel stainless steel or aluminum?  Stainless steel looks great when jeweled. Aluminum can sometimes be jeweled, however since it is a softer metal it tends to be more difficult to polish and to jewel. We have had good luck jewelling some aluminum 1911 triggers and some other aluminum parts. We cannot jewel the old factory Ruger 10/22 triggers — they are just too soft. We have had good results jeweling the Power Custom titanium trigger like the one shown in the example at the left.
What is your turn-around time?  Normal shop time is 3 weeks or less for most jeweling work. Sometimes we get behind (especially during fishing season) so email me for a quote on current shop time for your specific job.
Our jeweling mill machine   How much is return shipping?  Return shipping for one pistol barrel or simple rifle bolt is $6.50 for First Class Mail (US only) and optional insurance is $3.85. If you have more than one item, contact us for a shipping quote. We will combine shipping. Click on the SHIPPING tab for more details.

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