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Gun-Kote Teflon Molybdenum Gun Finishes

Teflon/Molybdenum, or Teflon/Moly Gun-Kote bake-on finishes are extremely durable coatings that are airburshed on to metal surfaces and then oven cured at a high temperature. The advantages are its inherent durability, lubricating properties and non-reflectivity. The drawbacks are a limited selection of colors and that only metal parts can be coated and cured due to the high temperatures involved.

Teflon/Moly Gun-Kote Pricing

Strip and finish typical autoloader slide (e.g., Glock, Sig)   $55.00
     Silver Lightning Strike Cover Plate for Glock   $10.00
Strip and finish 1911 or similar frame   $55.00
Strip and finish entire 1911 or similar (all parts) $120.00
Small parts or custom work bid on request

Teflon/Moly Gun-Kote Finishes Colors Available

This ultra-thin, friction-reducing coating that lasts and lasts can now be applied to any metal gun part. It is so tough and durable that once it is applied, the only way to remove Gun-Kote is to abrasive blast the part. It is resistant to all known gun solvents and thinners. Each coat is approximately .0004" thick so Gun-Kote can be used on both internal and external parts where a close-tolerance fit is required without having to worry about interference. This makes Gun-Kote the perfect, maintenance-free coating for handgun slides and frames, shotgun receivers and magazine tubes, rifle actions and bolts, anywhere you need an ultra-thin, self-lubricating, permanent coating that protects and wears like crazy.

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Some Personal Notes about Teflon/Moly GUN-KOTE

The Matte Black finish looks great on Glock slides and all gun parts. The Gloss Black finish (in my opinion) looks cheap, and is similar to the old Remington 22's with that lousy paint-on finish they tried in the 60's. The Brushed Stainless looks great and I have coated many Glock slides and complete 1911's with good results. The "Silver" is actually more of a Battle Ship Gray (so you Navy pukes will love this one). The two shades of brown and the green are for camouflage paint jobs.

This finish requires the surface to be bead blasted down to the white metal. It is painted on in several coats and then cured in an oven. It WILL NOT adhere to polymer or plastic parts like Glock frames and the plastic will not survive the curing process. It will adhere to carbon/moly steel or stainless steel, and once it is heat cured the only way to get it off again is to bead blast or grind it off.


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