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Custom Glock Services


Price List
subject to change without notice

Glock Action Jobs

Level I Action Job   $49.95
Level II Action Job $144.95
Level III Action Job $269.95

Sight Installations (does not include sights or custom machining)

Install Glock Sights (most)   $15.00

Options and Misc Services (parts not included)

Install and Fit Extended Magazine Release   $10.00
Install Magazine Well (no machining)   $10.00
Install Extended Slide Release   $10.00


Glock "Action Job"


The action of a Glock is unique in that it does not use the typical hammer/sear/spring configuration that most gunsmiths are familiar with. The Glock action has a 4-part relationship with each part affecting the performance of the others. Replacement of any of the parts helps, but to complete the job they all need replaced and tuned as a system.

Level I Action Job $49.95
Includes Parts and Labor

We replace your connector with a 3.5 # connector [C above] which provides a lighter trigger pull. Most Glocks come from the factory with a 5# or even an 8# connector. Installing a lighter connector will increase the accuracy of most shooters by reducing the amount of muzzle movement when pulling the trigger.  NOTE:  The 3.5# Connector is recommended only for target guns. Police and carry guns should use the 5# or 8# Connector or the New York trigger configuration. We can recommend and install the combination that is right for you. Additionally, a titanium Safety Plunger [D above] replaces the factory steel unit and provides a smoother trigger pull and, hence, better accuracy. The surface area has been slightly rounded and the part is machined from a solid billet of heat-treated titanium. That reduces the friction of the trigger bar on the safety plunger and reduces the effort needed to pull the trigger. Again, that’s what gives you better accuracy.

Level II Action Job $144.95
Includes Parts [B, C & D] and Labor

Level II includes all the above parts, plus replacement of the striker [B above]. This titanium striker will further increase accuracy by reducing lock time — the time it takes for the striker to hit the primer once you have pulled the trigger! This replacement part weights 60% less than the original factory part. Since it is Titanium, it is corrosion proof, extremely light and very strong!

Level III Action Job $269.95
Includes Parts [A, B, C & D] and Labor

Includes all the above parts, plus a lightweight trigger made by Lightning Strike. It will smooth out your factory trigger pull and give better accuracy! The “Safe-Action” trigger section is twice as wide as the factory part and feels better on your trigger finger! All the bearing surfaces on the trigger bar have been smoothed over which helps remove trigger slop. This Trigger is made of 20-24 aircraft aluminum and hard coated to 70 Rockwell.

Installation of Accessories

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An Extended Magazine Release makes magazine changes a snap. A variety of styles are available.

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An Extended Slide Release gives more leverage and easier release of the slide when it is locked back.

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We can install Night Sights, optical sights
and fully adjustable models.

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