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Teflon/Molybdenum Disulfide GUN-KOTE, DuraCoat or Cerakote Gun Finishes


NOTICE:  I generally do not do coating work during the winter months because it is hard to keep the shop warm and the materials involved are temperature sensitive. Rather than do a poor job, I would rather refer you to someone who can do the job right. If you need finish work done during this period, I highly recommend LTM Refinishing in Harrisonville, MO.

3rd Millennium Engineering, LLC offers three families of gun finishes, each with unique advantages.

Option 1 is Teflon/Molybdenum, or Teflon/Moly GUN-KOTE bake-on gun coatings. These are extremely durable coatings that are airburshed on to metal surfaces and then oven cured at high temperature. The advantages are its inherent durability, lubricating properties and non-reflectivity. The drawbacks are a very limited selection of colors and  only metal parts can be coated and cured due to the high temperatures involved.

Option 2 is DuraCoat gun finishes. These are also durable epoxy-mixed coatings that are airburshed on, however the curing process takes place at room temperature. The process can be modified with additives that allow more flexibility in the finish to prevent cracking and chipping. A final clear-coating layer can be added with matte, medium or a high-luster sheen.  Every color imaginable is available and the finish can be applied to wood and plastic parts.

Option 3 is Cerakote finishes.  NIC Industries' ceramic-based CerakoteTM Firearm Coatings improve performance and reliability over conventional finishes. This state-of-the-art coating technology out-performs any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications. Single or multiple coats may be used to achieve unlimited finishes and designs and it is especially well suited for use in camouflage patterns and stenciled designs. Additionally, private label and exclusive color agreements are available.


DuraCoat camouflage on Glock 21 Black GunKote on Rem 870

Stainless Cerakote in Glock 21 slide

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Aluminum Cerakote on custom 1911 framer Military Black Cerakote on Glock 30 slide

Titanium Cerakote on Ruger MK-II frame

Military Black & Titanium Cerakote on custom 1911 Stainless and Military Black Cerakote on 1911  


You might be thinking, "Hey, I can do this myself!" You probably can, but be warned...this stuff stinks to HIGH HEAVEN! I mean it puts out lots of noxious and toxic fumes and it is very hazardous to work with. It stinks when you mix the paint, it really stinks when you are painting it on, and it stinks even more yet when you are baking it on! If you want to preserve the matrimonial harmony around your house, you might want to consider letting us do the work.

Note to self: Be sure the plastic channel liner has been removed from your Glock slide BEFORE baking it in the wife's oven...they tend to catch fire!!!


AFGHAN Marsh Vietnam Tiger Stripe
AmStripe Signature Snow Wilderness Mirageflage
BELGIAN Underbrush Winter Twig
Desert MirageFlage Urban Woodland Prestige
Desert Storm Urban MirageFlage Woodland Signature

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