Ruger 10/22 or Charger Bolt Accurasizing Service




Accurasizing allows your bolt to function smoother and it makes it more reliable. This directly contributes to consistency, which is a necessary component to obtaining accuracy.

To split hairs, consistency means that the round goes off in the same way each time the trigger is pulled. Our Accurasizing process works because the rim is anchored to the bolt face and because the headspace is machined to match depth. The firing pin strikes the round in the ideal location, the round is held in proper alignment to the chamber and the firing pin has the ideal protrusion for a clean, sharp strike. The bolt cycles smoothly and resets the action reliably.

    Accurasizing is a 4-step process. First, the bolt is disassembled, cleaned and polished to a bright luster and uniform finish The bolt face is surface ground to square it and the headspace depth machined to match grade rim depth just like on a bolt action rifle.

A factory bolt is built sloppy and has very loose specifications.

  A small hole is machined in the bolt just above the firing pin and a hardened stainless pin is pressed in over the top of the front-most part of the firing pin. The new pin keeps the front of the firing pin lined up properly in the channel and prevents it from moving up, which is a major cause of inconsistent firing pin strikes and non-uniform detonations.  
    Next, the lower trailing edge of the bolt body is machined to a radius cut that rounds it for a smoother bolt function and reduced friction against the hammer.
  The back surface of the bolt is ground for an optimum firing pin protrusion of 0.040".  
    As a final touch, the exposed portions of the bolt is engine turned (jeweled) to a bright and uniform pattern. If you prefer a bolt that is not jeweled, let us know and deduct $15 from the total cost of the Accurasizing Service.

If you want us to install new or aftermarket parts such as extractor or firing pin, we will be happy to add them.

We do not exchange bolts or parts. You always get your bolt back, and never someone else's junk!

Bolt Work Options

Photo HawkTech Arms. Used with permission

We are pleased to offer the option of  the Skeeter's trigger, bolt handle or magazine release to our trigger jobs. His parts are the finest quality and utilize the best overall design of any aftermarket parts available. We stock the full line of his helical cut anodized finishes and they are available in black, red, silver, gold and blue.


Power Custom Titanium or A2 Tool Steel  Firing Pin
$30 Included Parts and Installation

Redesigned impact point provides improved ignition and less chance of misfires. Made from commercially pure titanium and almost half the weight of the factory firing pin. Provides faster strike time due to the reduced weight. Available for 10/22 and 10/22 Magnum models.

  Titanium Firing Pin

Magnum Research .17 HM2 Bolt Handle
$50 Includes All Parts and Labor


Heavier bolt handle necessary to convert the 10/22 rifle or Charger to a .17 HM2. Steel with polished blue finish.


Volquartsen Extended Bolt Handle
$35.95 Includes All Parts and Labor

Extended carbon steel bolt handle is 1/4" longer than the factory part, making it fast and easy to use. The recoil rod is polished, hardened and titanium nitride coated to reduce friction. Recoil spring is cryogenically treated for longer life.


3ME Bolt Buffer
$5 Includes Parts and Installation

The recoil buffer is a replacement stop in for the Long Rifle or Magnum rifles. It greatly reduces the hammering effect of metal-to-metal contact as the bolt strikes against your receiver, thus extending the life of the rifle. Our buffer is made of 95A Durometer Urethane and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

PRICE LIST (subject to change without notice)


10/22 or Charger .22 LR Bolt Work (performed on your bolt)

  Bolt Accurasizing Service on your .22 LR bolt   $49.00  
  Bolt Accurasizing Service on your .22 Magnum bolt   $54.00
  Add a Titanium or A-2 Tool Steel Firing Pin   $30.00
  Add a Titanium Extractor & Heavy Spring   $10.00
  Add a Volquartsen Extended Bolt Handle & Recoil Rod Assy   $34.95
  Add a Skeeter's Extended Bolt Handle & Recoil Rod Assy   $36.95
  Bolt Jewelling only (included with Accurasizing)   $15.00
  Add a Bolt Buffer     $5.00
New 10/22 or Charger .22 LR Bolt Assembly
  New Factory .22 LR Bolt Assy (complete)   $35.00
  New Accurasized .22 LR Bolt   $84.00
  New Accurasized .22 LR Bolt with Titanium Extractor   $94.00
  New Accurasized .22 LR Bolt with Titanium Firing Pin $110.00
  New Accurasized .22 LR Bolt with Titanium Extractor and Firing Pin $120.00