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1911 Custom Work

Custom machining and gunsmithing is available, and we can handle most requests. If I do not feel confident that I can do a job in a competent and professional manner, I will tell you so and try and recommend another gunsmith. I would rather say  "I don’t know how to do that" than to mess up your gun and lose your business.

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Sight Work
Novak lo-mount or standard $40.00 +
Bo-mar (melted in) $75.00
Cut dovetail for 60 or 65 degree sights   $35.00 and up*
Action & Trigger Work
Fit and Install Trigger   $10.00 and up
Complete Action Job Springfield/Colt (series 70)   $60.00
Complete Action Job Colt (series 80)   $65.00
Complete Action Job NM (Gold Cup) $100.00
Grip Safety Work
Fit Beavertail Grip Safety   $30.00 and up*
      Blended Fit Beavertail   $20.00 additional*
Thumb Safety
Fit Single Side Thumb Safety   $25.00
Fit Ambidextrous Thumb Safety   $35.00 and up
Misc Services
Fit a new barrel   $70.00 and up
Install and fit extended magazine release   $10.00
Fit a barrel bushing   $20.00 and up
Tighten frame to slide fit   $75.00
Install plunger tube    $10.00
Install mag well (no machining)   $10.00
Dehorn entire pistol for carry   $35.00*
Throat barrel and polish feed ramp   $30.00 and up
Install guide rod   $10.00
Install Wilson Combat Group Gripper   $15.00
Polish and adjust extractor   $15.00
Install and fit barrel link   $20.00
Install and fit extended ejector   $20.00
Fit slide to frame (steel)   $75.00
Fit slide to frame (stainless or alloy)   $85.00
Machine Work
Cocking serrations on front of slide   $50.00 and up*
Lower Ejection Port   $30.00*
Flare-cut Ejection Port   $30.00*
Cut frame for Brown Bobtail Mainspring Housing* $70.00*
Vertical Line frontstrap 20 LPI $90.00*
Checker frontstrap at 20 LPI $140.00*
Checker frontstrap at 30 LPI $150.00*
Horizontal Line rear of slide   $25.00*
Re-crown barrel   $20.00
Jeweling and Engine Turning   by bid

Teflon/Moly Finishes

$100.00 and up

*Refinish may be required. Price reflected does not include refinish.

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